20 Values That Define Me As A Person: A Manifesto

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Slay Girl Society

What are the values that guide my life and actions? I have never sat down formally and defined them. Well actually, I’ve barely even passively reflected upon them. As someone with depression, I don’t often like to think deeply about myself because it usually leads to horrible and negative self-talk like “You are stupid” or “I hate myself.”

However, I have recently come to the conclusion that formally defining and occasionally studying your values can actually improve your mental health. Why? Well for one, we can often feel depressed when our actions or lifestyles are misaligned with our values. When our choices don’t make sense with our values, this can cause us to be demotivated and disengaged with life. So figuring out how we should be behaving according to our personal beliefs can lead to positive feelings and being our authentic selves can make us happier. And I’m all for…

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