I offer consultation services for CBD oil and Hemp oil

While MyHempNow may be an e-commerce site to promote and offer CBD and Hemp oil products. Here’s the reality, I shop online almost exclusively and I do so for the ease, no traffic and crowds, no one bothering you, no pushy sales people, etc.

BUT…what if you were shopping online in search of a way to help your child with epilepsy or a child (young or older) with Autism, Chohn’s disease, Cancer, PTSD, Arthritis, Psoriasis, chronic pain, IBS, inflammation and so on…that may be the time to ask questions and get answers and solutions for what may help you and/or your families needs.

When I buy anything online, it’s something I know I want, have researched and it’s more to do with normal everyday needs, even groceries. But in my opinion I couldn’t go seek help for my Type 1 diabetic daughter without wanting to go beyond my own research, as a consumer without much knowledge regarding the possibilities. I would want to chat, email, text or call someone to be more specific and give myself the opportunity to get the right products first without wasting money.

While many thought I was alone in this theory of offering my services as a Consultant to be unnecessary. Though it has proven to be exactly what some people need. As consumers you may hear that CBD is doing this or that, being touted as the new “Miracle juice” and while you know you need help for a health concern, disease, condition, etc. and are overwhelmed by the information on the internet, misconceptions, stigmas and flat-out inaccurate information that is unfortunately available what do you do?

Well I do not enter into anything lightly. I research, I cross-reference, I re-read articles to confirm my understanding, cross reference again. Find new information, rinse and repeat.

Throughout my career, prior to my new career focused solely on CBD oil, Hemp oil, Organic Hemp oil and Industrial Hemp oil and the benefits, differences, the why’s? I have seen that not all but some want to actually talk to someone to fully understand, many love the chat for quick questioned answers, email contact for conversations on your time frame.

In general if it were me, which it was once, or my family…I’d do my research because that’s just what I love-to learn new info-but I’d also contact someone with knowledge, personal experience and extensive research. When you are at a point of fear due to the pain, struggle or even decades of nothing working and experiencing severe side effects to traditional medications; I know I was ready for help…I got help from an ER doctor who to this day I can’t thank enough. He saved me and my family from the constant seizures that were scary and had gone so long and so expensive that it was time for a live-in nurse or me living in assisted care. That moment when we got to that reality and I was seeking nurses, That ER doctor changed our reality. I know I’ve now done that for others and that passion and desire to do so for others has only created a stronger passion for continuing to make myself available.

Unfortunately we all have time constraints and there are only so many hours in a day so many times it’s easier for our clients to schedule a time to be available to clearly understand what they need, don’t know, want to know and want to see if we have a solution. My clients take the front seat to everything. Without you there’d be no MyHempNow.

I invite you to contact for a Free consultation, info@myhempnow.com, online chat via myhempnow.com, text or call (844) 694-3671. What’s most convenient for you?


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